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Roborally Chaos & Carnage Exp.
  • Roborally Chaos & Carnage Exp.

Roborally Chaos & Carnage Exp.


Uitgever: Renegade Game Studios
Auteur: Matt Hyra, Rick Steeves
Spelers: 2-6
Speelduur: 30 tot 60 min
Leeftijd: 12+
Taal: Engels


The Chaos & Carnage expansion adds variability to your Robo Rally games with three new double-sided game boards featuring new elements like teleporters, randomizers, and crushers! Also includes 5 brand new Upgrade cards! Features: Teleporters: Get around obstacles quickly by ‘porting to the other side. Randomizers: Need some help? Try your luck. Crushers: Dangerous to robots, only in certain registers. 5 new upgrade cards (Stun, Mirror, Leaching, Indirect Fire, Controlled Chaos). Contains: - 3 Double-Sided Factory Game Boards (a new board on one side, a classic board on the other!) - 5 Upgrade Cards Boards Pushy / Laser Maze* Labyrinth / Gear Box* Stop & Go / Chasm*