Across Africa
  • Across Africa

Across Africa

€ 18,10

Uitgever: G3
Auteur: Wiktor Piskorek & Arkadiusz Piskorek
Spelers: 2-4
Speelduur: 30
Leeftijd: 6+
Taal: Engels, Duits

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Across Africa is a cooperative game for the young players that are just starting their adventure with board games. The game is designed for two to four players of age 6 and up.

During their African expedition the young players will discover new routes through the wilderness and take photos of the animals they encounter on the way. If they are lucky enough, they will meet one of the legendary diamond seekers and perhaps collect some precious jewels themselves.

The game consists of players turns, during which each of them rolls the dice and moves his pawn by the shown number of spaces on the board. The pawn may stop on one of the eight kinds of spaces. The player fulfills the action assigned to the type of the space. This may be for example making a photo of animals, moving backwards in the next turn, drawing an adventure card, collecting the diamond, meeting the snake and many more.

In order to win the game children have to fill up the whole crocodile shaped photo album with photos they took during their adventure and reach the last space on the board.

Across Africa offers also the alternate mode of playing. This time the players will not cooperate but race to the finish line, trying at the same time to collect as much diamonds and valuable photos as possible.


Aantal Spelers
60 tot 90 min

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